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Bishops Of Alaska Issue Pastoral Letter On Human Dignity And Sanctity Of Life

For the past several months, the bishops of Alaska have been discussing how we might best exercise our role as teachers. There are a growing number of social issues today that need to be addressed from a faith perspective, and yet require more than a ‘sound byte’ to adequately outline the theological principles which underpin our beliefs and teachings. At the same time, as we looked at the numerous issues we wished to address, we realized that what is fundamentally at the heart of each of the issues is the need for a proper understanding […]

Surrender to God, Live in Christ, a Pastoral Letter to the People of the Dioocese of Cheyenne

Today, on this Feast of Archangels, I am glad to release my first Pastoral Letter, Surrender to God, Live in Christ.  This Letter introduces the pastoral priorities which will guide our focus as a diocese over the next five years.  As the title of the Letter implies, it is the goal of our efforts not so much to introduce new programs and initiatives, but to simply focus on many of the basics of our life as Church to encourage and assist our people to live their faith in Christ. Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI […]

Deacon Retreat

Yesterday afternoon, I traveled to Thermompolis to join the deacons, deacon candidates and their wives for Mass and a visit during their annual retreat.  I arrived in time to greet them as they began their retreat and evening session.  This morning, we celebrated Mass together, and then we had the rest of the morning to enjoy an informal Q & A.  I’ve had a chance to visit with many different groups since my arrival, but this was the first real opportunity to visit with the deacons and their wives to see what questions they had […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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