As this American holiday sees people traversing the country, and families gathering in many settings, just wanted to express my prayerful gratitude for all of you.  Family and friends are among the choicest of gifts in this life.  May you enjoy these relationships in the days ahead.  May our gatherings with family and friends remind us of our broader relationships in the family of God; for faith and love are the greatest gifts.

This past year certainly gives me pause to reflect on the presence and action of God in my life, and in the life of the Church.  Last year at this time, I was preparing to make a big move from southern Indiana and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis to Wyoming and the diocese of Cheyenne.  What a marvelous gift was in store for me to greet my new “family” of faith. 

This past week of traveling around the diocese and listening to people renews a spirit of deep gratitude within my heart for the faith that is alive and well, even in the face of the challenges of the present day.  I am grateful for the many who are living their faith and encouraging and inspiring others, including me.  Keep it up, gang, and God bless you for it!

Happy Thanksgiving!