Hi, Gang. Another full week. Still waiting on pictures from last Sunday’s visit to St. Nicholas in Gig Harbor. (Hint, Hint, to all you folks down there …)

Sometimes it is hard to believe that the Kingdom is advanced in through so many meetings, but even on that front I feel like we are making progress.

Monday evening we had a very nice turn out of approximately 50 young men who are open to discerning the possibility of a vocation to the priesthood. We call these gatherings Operation Andrew dinners. We had Mass, dinner, and a couple of presentation regarding seminary life, prayer and discernment.

Wednesday, after another full day of meetings, a few of us drove to Tacoma for a meeting between myself, a few chancery staff , and parish leaders of Holy Rosary parish in Tacoma. We are in discussion about the future of their church building. It was a fruitful discussion. Please continue to keep all of us in your prayers.

Friday, we had a lovely Mass and celebration for the Solemnity of All Saints at St. James Cathedral, and this morning a very nice congregation showed up to celebrate Mass at Holy Rood Cemetery near Edmonds.

These are two very significant days in our liturgical calendar. Death reminds us that we are destined to join the saints in heaven. We are called to live as saints here and now as we journey in faith. Saint John Henry Newman had a great line when he said: “Life is short. Death is certain. Eternity is long.”

So, while we enjoy the intercessions of the saints for our growth in holiness, we are also called to pray for the souls who still await their place at the eternal banquet.

St. Paul reminds us that the Kingdom of Heaven is not about eating or drinking, but about justice, peace, and the joy that the Holy Spirit brings. (Romans 14:17) So, friends, the body and the world are both created by God, and convey much of God’s genius and beauty. However, the greater glory is the Kingdom of God that dwells within us, which we are to advance around us. We do this in faith and love, always with hope!

Peace, and thanks to Janis Olson for the pics below.