Admittedly, my camera skills need work. Sorry this one is a bit blurry, but I do not ask people to pose, so the movement is not welcome by my camera.

This month, our Young Adults gathered at Holy Trinity in Cheyenne.  Following adoration, the group moved across the parking lot to a fire pit to enjoy the outdoor weather and some fellowship…of course, pizza just arrived as well!

For the Scripture reflection, we chose this past Sunday’s Gospel from John (15): “I am the vine you are the branches.  Remain in me as I remain in you, for apart from me, you can do nothing.”

For whatever reason, this has been a powerful Gospel for me this past few weeks.  If only more and more people could come to truly understand how totally dependent we are on Christ!  When we “remain in Him,” we are capable of anything, and mostly, fully capable of accomplishing God’s desire for us.

The real origin of this ‘vine’ is the Garden of Eden.  From the beginning of time, by God’s Providence, this ‘vine’ that is Christ, God’s presence in the midst of his people, has continued and grown through creation and history.  Then, in the Incarnation, this ‘vine’ took on its true ‘identity’ in the person of Jesus.  Finally, from cross, the true source of the ‘vine’ reached its greatest means of expansion through the Church.

Many if not most of us are familiar with the term which often today describes our society as a ‘culture of death.’  I believe this phrase when associated with this Gospel from John, helps us understand the nature of this ‘death.’  When we separate ourselves from Christ (apart from me, you can do nothing,) we are by nature going to diminish, wither up, and die.  This Gospel helps us understand why our culture is often called a culture of death, because our society today desires to separate itself more and more from Christ.

So, my friends, remain in Christ.  Everything we consume as food in this life becomes a part of us.  However, when we consume the Eucharist, Christ incorporates us into His Body.  Let us remain in Him, as He remains in us.  May this presence of Christ permeate every fiber of our being.  May our thinking, values, priorities and every action always remain close to Christ, that the entire expression of each of our lives may be a vibrant witness to the Risen Christ.

Once again, I invite all our young adults to join us monthly for Thursday Night Life.  Updated information for time and location can be found on our diocesan website.  I truly appreciate these moments of prayer and fellowship with our young adults…I hope you do to!