On May 1st, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, parishioners dedicated a new Faith Formation Center at Vietnamese Martyrs Parish in Tukwila. Such a moment, on a Feast of St. Joseph gave rise to the application of faith in three important areas of life: home, workplace, hometown.

Scriptures tell us that St. Joseph received visions while he slept which instructed him in the ways of God. St. Joseph, being a holy man, faithfully carried out God’s will, as the spouse of Mary, and the guardian of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. In every aspect of his life, St. Joseph ‘dreamed’ of God, and fully lived his faith, whether in the home, or in his workshop, or while interacted with the people of Nazareth, or the other places where the Holy Family traveled and lived.

How often do we spend day-to-day ‘dreaming’ of God’s desire for us and our world?

In St. Joseph’s workshop, many projects ‘came together’. The young Jesus, under the direction of Joseph and Mary, more than likely worked along side Joseph, and as he grew and matured, his own understanding of himself as the Son of God and his mission to fulfill the work of his Father ‘came together.’

Thus, the Faith Formation Center, along with the parish church and every family’s home (the domestic Church) are God’s workplace, where we learn the faith, grow in our relationship with Jesus, become more aware of God’s will and are properly prepared to fulfill it in our lives. 

Thus, from within God’s workplace, our understanding of our mission ‘comes together’ and we are then sent into the world, to continue the mission of bringing Jesus to others, and leading others to Jesus.

Congratulations to the pastoral leaders and parishioners of Vietnamese Martyrs parish in Tukwila!