Fr. Demetrio Penascozo & +PDE

 Today I had the great pleasure to welcome to the Diocese of Cheyenne, Fr. Demetrio Penascoza.  Fr. arrived at the Cheyenne airport around noon today, and our Chancellor, Carol DeLois and I welcomed him to the bishop’s residence.  We celebrated Mass and then had a chance to get acquainted over a nice lunch.

Fr. Demetrio is an Augustinian, presently on leave from his community in the Philippines while he discerns a possible call to diocesan priesthood.  He most recently served as a pastor for three years in a parish in New Zealand.  He is now looking forward to a new adventure in Wyoming.  Fr. Demetrio will arrive Sunday afternoon in his new assignment at St. Margaret in Riverton.

 We are truly blessed to receive a new priest into active ministry in the Diocese, and I cannot help but make the connection with yesterday’s feast of St. John Vianney, Patron Saint of priests.  In the spirit of St. John Vianney, and through his intercession, I would ask for your prayers for all of our priests.  They serve so generously and selflessly in a time when perhaps the priesthood is not as appreciated, or even respected as it should be.  But what truly counts, is that the Lord Himself knows, understands, and appreciates their pastoral hearts, love, and generosity.  I wish to say a special “Thanks!” to all of our priests, world wide.

Please allow me to close with a quote from Blessed John Paul II, shared with me yesterday from one of the “newcomers” to this blog:

“You yourselves are the first “Apostles” of Jesus the High Priest. Your own witness counts more than anything else; in your hands people see the Eucharist “take place,” on your face they see its mystery reflected, and in your heart they sense the summons of a greater love. May you be for them fathers, teachers and witnesses of Eucharistic piety and holiness of life!”
Blessed John Paul II

God bless and keep all of you!