The barn at the farm; Brother Bernie on the logpile

 Yesterday morning as I was picking up my breviary to pray, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the picture that serves as the screen saver on my laptop.  More than anything, it was the open door to the barn that set my mind to thinking… 

I began recalling the contents of the barn, their exact location, the renovations made to the barn over the years, how dirty disorganized the barn gets when it is fully in use.  I recalled with great fondness the many days I have spent working on the farm with my brother. 

As I was entering into prayer, at this moment I was also looking for a thought for a homily.  Then it hit me.  In the picture, all anyone can see is the outside of the barn.  They have no idea of its contents or organization (or the lack thereof.)  However, my experience of looking at the outside of this barn which I know intimately, is how God sees each of us.  He looks at us with great love, and He knows everything about us. 

God sees the ‘improvements’ that have been made throughout the course of our life.  He sees the ‘inventory’ that He has given us to work with.  He sees what still needs ‘renovation’ (conversion.)  He sees what is of value.  He sees what is still in need of proper ordering.  In other words, God sees us as a whole person; He sees what is on the inside, which is of greatest value.

This morning in prayer, with the thoughts of yesterday still fresh, I asked God: ‘Please continue to bring a proper ordering to my intellect, memory, passions and desires, my will.  Whatever has been misplaced or lost along the way, please grant me the graces I need for the tasks still at hand today.’

What is most important to recall is that God’s gaze is always a gaze of love.  Take time today (and everyday) to sit silently in this loving gaze of God, and trust that He is always at work ‘inside’ for the work that He is calling us to do on the ‘outside.’