Preaching at Convocation Mass for Wyoming Catholic College

 Yesterday, the Wyoming Catholic College community gathered for Mass to officially open the new academic year.  The Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit is typically used for such occasions.  The readings provide unique opportunity to reflect upon the goal of academic life, namely, to teach and discover at an ever more personal level, the eternal Truth, Jesus Christ.  Christ gave us His Spirit of Truth to dwell within us, as a means of keeping His promise to remain with us always.

The Wyoming Catholic College provides a wonderful atmosphere of faith for these young people to further develop and their faith, so as to live it with greater and greater integrity. 

Another very important part of this Convocation Mass each year is the Oath of Fidelity given by all members of the Wyoming Catholic College faculty.  Once again this year, they renewed their profession of faith and made a promise to faithfully teach and uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church.  I am very proud of the Catholic identity of our Wyoming Catholic College, and the dedication of those affiliated with her vision and mission.

Wyoming Catholic College Faculty making Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity during Convocation Mass

 A very good sign that in these early years, the College is successfully living out this mission to raise up new leaders for the Church and society, is that several of the incoming freshman class are siblings of those already graduated from Wyoming Catholic College. 

After Mass and a short break, there was the traditional matriculation ceremony, in which the freshmen sign the enrollment book of the Wyoming Catholic College.  The point is clearly made that they are ‘consecrating’ themselves for the next four years to seek the Truth of Christ, and to make a dwelling place for this Light and Truth in their own lives.  They are reminded that such an effort to seek Christ above all else requires sacrifice and hard work.  The joy of the community that surrounds them makes it quite evident that such sacrifice and hard work has its own reward!


2012 - 2013 student body, Wyoming Catholic College

 After the matriculation ceremony, there was a nice picnic on the lawn.  Tents were up and some great food available.  Clearly, the students were enjoying renewing their friendships and establishing new ones.  It was also good to see a few parents and families present to enjoy the festivities.  Classes begin on Wednesday. 

Have a great year, Wyoming Catholic College!


(all photos courtesy of Joseph Susanka)