UPDATE:  It is now Friday, 2:00pm in Frankfurt.  Our travelers are on a four hour layover waiting for our flight into Rome.  We arrive this evening around 5:30pm.  The flight to Frankfurt was uneventful.  Though weary, the group has lots of excitement.

Layover at Frankfurt Airport


Weary Travelers, with another group in the background. Frankfurt Layover.


Yesterday evening, the youth began gathering at Holy Trinity in Cheyenne for a pilgrimage to Rome.  In total, 105 youth and adults will depart today to spend a week in Rome, with some side trips to Assisi, Monte Cassino, and other points south of Rome along the Amalfi coast.

They began with the usual rituals of checking in, gathering the materials prepared for them, and socializing.  After we fed the group, we went to the church for prayer and a penance service.  I was deeply moved to see that such a large percentage of these young people lined up to receive the sacrament.  I could tell also as a confessor, this is going to be a grace-filled pilgrimage, not only for the young church, but for this bishop to spend some time with them.

As my family will far too quickly tell you, they are the ones with all the experience of travelling and making retreats with our youth.  This is somewhat uncharted territory for me!  All the more reason it will be good for me to know the hearts and minds of today’s youth.  I look forward to walking with them, as well as introducing them to the rich history of our faith.

Please pray for our youth in the coming days.  About a third of us will return on the 6th of July, while the rest of the group will come home on the 10th.  Pray that this will be a grace-filled moment in each of our lives, granting us a deeper desire and courage to follow Christ!

I will try to post a picture later this morning.  We will celebrate Mass at the Cathedral at 10:30 and then depart for the airport.