In October, 2018, the Church will hold in Rome the next General Assembly of Bishops, known as a SYNOD.  As you may recall, the last two Synods were focused on marriage and family life in the Church, and how we as Church can better accompany them.  The resulting document of those two Synods was issued last Spring by Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia, or The Joy of Love.  The next Synod will discuss Young People, Faith & Vocational Discernment.

Today, in Rome, Pope Francis released the preparation documents for this important reflection within the life of the Church.  At the same time, the Holy Father released a letter addressed by him to young people, because he wants them to know that the Church now puts them at the center of our prayer and reflection, and we want their input.

You can find the letter here.  The Preparation Document can be found here.

I continue to be inspired by our Holy Father, Pope Francis.  He is not content to leave us, the Church, in a lethargic state that is satisfied with the status quo.  He is continually calling us to be attentive to one another and to live in reality, which means addressing the many needs of our Church and world today.  We are called to be engaged, merciful, loving and faithful.

I am particularly pleased that Pope Francis is now drawing the Church’s attention to the needs of our young people.  Please join me in praying for our Holy Father, Pope Francis.  Join me in praying for those preparing for this next Synod of the Church on Youth and Vocational Discernment.  Join me in praying for our youth, and perhaps equally important, engaging our young people to help them know Jesus at a deeper level, and to find their place in the family of the Church.

There are three different links embedded in this post.  Please take time to read these important documents.

Young people, please take time to read the letter written by Pope Francis to you.  He and I and all the Church want you to know you are loved, first and foremost by Jesus, but also by the Holy Father, the Bishops and Priests, and all members of the Church.  We want to know you better and how we can better serve you in your life and faith journey.

At the encouraging words of our Holy Father, let us GO out to meet Christ, to remain with him, and serve him in the Church and world today.