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Young People, Faith & Vocational Discernment

In October, 2018, the Church will hold in Rome the next General Assembly of Bishops, known as a SYNOD.  As you may recall, the last two Synods were focused on marriage and family life in the Church, and how we as Church can better accompany them.  The resulting document of those two Synods was issued last Spring by Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia, or The Joy of Love.  The next Synod will discuss Young People, Faith & Vocational Discernment. Today, in Rome, Pope Francis released the preparation documents for this important reflection within the life of […]

In The Beginning & In The End, One Thing Is Necessary

Yesterday, I was in town taking care of an errand, and a young woman at a check out counter noticed my ring.  She said something to the effect of: “That is a nice ring.  Does it have any significance?”  I said: “Yes. It is a bishop’s ring, and I am the new Archbishop of Anchorage.”  She then responded: “Pardon my ignorance, but what is an Archbishop?”  To which I said: “I am the leader of the Catholic Church in this part of Alaska.”  Then, she said quite casually: “Well, I guess you now know, I […]

Rock Springs’ Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration

For the past six years, the Hispanic community of Holy Spirit Catholic Community in Rock Springs has hosted a celebration in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  In order to accommodate as many people as possible, they gather on the Sunday nearest the feast.  This gives them one day to decorate the event center, and a day for the celebration. Even though the Mass is for the Sunday of Advent, the festivities clearly center around Our Lady.  This was the first year I was able to join the community.  It is an impressive display of […]

National Catholic Youth Conference, 2015

Every two years, there is a national gathering of high school age youth, known as National Catholic Youth Conference, or NCYC.  Once again this year, I’m in Indianapolis for this year’s gathering.  I’m told around 21,000 youth are present, including approximately 25 from Wyoming. I missed last night’s opening session, but was present in Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the Indianapolis Colts) for this morning’s session. There is something about these large gatherings that give our youth an experience of the larger Church.  It makes it very visible, and tangible; they are not alone in […]

We experience God in Mystery

September Institute Homily: 9/24/14 “Jesus summoned his apostles” “Jesus gave them power and authority … over all demons and to cure diseases “Jesus sent them to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick…” Recently, someone sent me a new book, and I took a look at the preface and did not get much further than the opening line: “About fifty years ago, the remarkable theologian, Karl Rahner, made an intriguing comment about the forthcoming generations of Christians. He said that the future believer will be either a mystic or not believe at […]

Young Church, We Love You!

The National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis this year is a great event. Nearly 25,000 youth have gathered from around the country, and I am so pleased that we have nearly 50 present from Wyoming. Besides the youth, there are so many dedicated adult leaders and youth ministers, men and women religious, priests and bishops.  The energy is electric and speaks volumes of the faith of this young Church.  To say the least, these young people give me great hope, and it is such a joy to be with them!  I want all of our […]

Adoration and Conversation with our Youth

 Last night I had the great opportunity to pray and visit with the junior and senior high students of our Cheyenne parishes.  I was very mindful of a comment made this week by one of the Synod Fathers gathered in Rome this month for the Synod on the New Evangelization.  He said: “Bishops should spend time with our young people.  They like us and we need to develop our relationship with them.”  I agree wholeheartedly! After a brief ‘introduction’ to Adoration, we exposed the Blessed Sacrament, reflected upon Sunday’s Gospel and took about 20 minutes […]

Casper Deanery Mass

Last night, the Casper Deanery gathered for a Mass at St. Patrick Catholic Church.  It was a beautiful evening and celebration together!  Once again, I believe every priest of the deanery made the effort to be present, as well as a good number of our permanent deacons.  I am so grateful to each of these men, and all of our priests and deacons.  We have truly been blessed as a diocese with faithful, dedicated priests and deacons.  A special thanks to Fr. Kevin Koch for cooking for the priests prior to Mass, and to Fr. […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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