Month: November 2010

Farewell To A Friend

For the Indiana readership, here is the homily from today’s funeral for Charlie Simon. Mass of Resurrection; Homily for Charles Simon; Death, November 25, 2010; Burial, November 29  We gather today to commend to God a beloved son, father, brother, cousin, uncle, nephew and friend to many.  On behalf of Fr. Barnabas, Fr. Dennis, and the faith communities of St. Paul and St. Pius, we extend our condolences and assurances of prayer to all of you in these difficult days.  We gather today with heavy hearts; grief stricken at Charles’ untimely and sudden departure from […]

Thy Kingdom Come…

As we prepare to usher in a new liturgical year, we pray that old familiar phrase…thy Kingdom come!  For those of us who live in the northern part of the country, nature itself in this transition from fall to winter is a great teacher.  Everything around us goes into a dormant phase; a time of rest.  There is less light in the day, also tending to call us to sleep a little more.  As life subsides “below the surface” to the roots, where it remains hidden until the time to resurface, resurrect in the spring, so this […]


As this American holiday sees people traversing the country, and families gathering in many settings, just wanted to express my prayerful gratitude for all of you.  Family and friends are among the choicest of gifts in this life.  May you enjoy these relationships in the days ahead.  May our gatherings with family and friends remind us of our broader relationships in the family of God; for faith and love are the greatest gifts. This past year certainly gives me pause to reflect on the presence and action of God in my life, and in the […]

Christ & His Church

As I travel once again around the diocese this week, and listen to many people regarding our hopes and dreams for our future, I hear many challenges, and many good things which give me great hope!  As the readership of this blog knows, one “theme” very much on my mind these days is the New Evangelization. One challenge before us today is to help people once again make the connection between Christ and the Church.  There are many who claim to be Christian and Catholic, but see little need for organized religion.  For us as […]

Christ The King!

Today we celebrate the final weekend of Ordinary Time; Christ the King.  As the scriptures today tell us, Christ has already won the battle, and His victory is secure.  To celebrate this Feast at the end of Ordinary Time is an inspiring reminder of the end goal, where His victory will be complete and all things will be subject to His sovereinty for all eternity. Luke’s Gospel reminds us of the nature of Christ’s throne, the cross.  We hear the one criminal pose the ultimate Truth of Christ, without truly believing in Him:  Are you […]

Strategic Pastoral Planning: Next Phase

Our Strategic Pastoral Planning has entered the next phase.  All parish listening sessions are now complete.  Last night I was in Casper for the first of five deanery listening sessions.  There was good representation from the deanery parishes.  Nearly forty people were in attendance.  The next four days I will be in Buffalo, Riverton, Green River, and wind up back in Cheyenne.  (Please pray Mother Nature behaves herself these next few days…at least in these consecutive parts of the state!) Michael Shumway of the O’Meara Ferguson group is serving as our facilitator for these meetings.  […]

Marriage and Family

After “missing a step” on the stairs, and falling down the rest this morning, I’m now “wide awake”!  (I’ll be a little sore, but I’m fine.)  Such missteps do have consequences.  One such “misstep” of present day society is the topic of a newly released Pew survey regarding marriage.  According to this latest survey, 4 in 10 say marriage is becoming obsolete. Clearly, marriage and family life, and their definition, are two of the key and critical elements of fundamental society, and sacramental elements of faith and Church that are under threat today.  Our challenge as Church […]

Gifts Received, Grown & Shared

Today’s Gospel gives another image of the Kingdom of God; its presence now, and its eventual fulfillment.  (Luke 19:11-28)  Each of us are given “gifts” (ten gold coins) by a nobleman (God/Jesus), and are told to engage in trade until I return.  Clearly, these gifts are given to be actively engaged in the commerce of building God’s Kingdom, which is the commerce of faith and love. The gifts are varied, but because they deal with the dignity of each person, they are all precious.  The gifts are specific and some of them “common” to all; […]


I must admit, this topic was greatly influenced this morning by our presider and homilist, Archbishop O’Brien (Baltimore).  As when he was my rector at the North American College, he still has quite the ability to inspire!  The latter reflection was the fruit of praying the rosary this morning. Today’s first reading for Mass from the Book of Revelation (3:1-6, 14-22) calls to mind the great “sin” of two of the early Churches. The great “sin” was that they were complacent.   I know your works; I know that you are neither cold nor hot…So, because […]

Co-Workers in the Truth

This morning’s reading for Mass comes from the Third Letter of St. John, verses 5-8. The final line of encouragement asks us to support each other so that we may be co-workers in truth.  This is a good image of how each of our lives are to interact according to the higher plan and greater glory of God. I do not know if this works for you or not, but for me, it is encouraging to believe that my life and effort are connected to every life.  My life and ministry does have some impact […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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