Month: April 2011

Blessed Pope John Paul II…Final Thoughts

As much as I enjoyed working the 1987 Papal visit, and working as a newly ordained priest escorting the Papal Party during the 1993 World Youth Day, there are significant aspects of John Paul II’s life and ministry I admired. First and foremost, I truly appreciated Pope John Paul II’s teaching.  Probably the first teaching I really studied in depth was his Theology of the Body.  In an era such as ours that is highly “sexualized”, his clarity on the gift of human sexuality and its proper role in marriage was deeply needed.  One of […]

Blessed Pope John Paul II – More Memories

After what I thought was a once in a lifetime experience, working the 1987 Papal Visit, there were other opportunities to be in the presence of this holy man.  In fact, I’m sure his courage, prayerfulness and inspiring presence had something to do with my own decision to go back to the seminary in the Fall of 1988. When the “new men” arrive at the North American College Seminary in Rome, one of the many events planned is a Mass with the Pope in the crypt of St. Peters at the Christo Re altar.  This […]

Pope John Paul II

As the world begins to turn its attention to Rome for the beatification of Pope John Paul II this Sunday, I wish to share a few of my own memories of this “Great” Pope and holy man. After a two year tour of college seminary and graduation in 1986, I decided I did not want to pursue priesthood, but wanted to work for the Church.  Two weeks after graduation from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, I travelled to Washington, D.C. for an interview with the U.S. Bishop’s Conference.  They were in the […]

Easter Vigil Pictures

 In Wyoming, no matter how late Easter falls, due to the prevailing wind, Easter Fires are normally held inside the Church.  Last night, as the vigil began, it was 35 degrees and snowing!  

Easter Blessings To One And All

To all who visit these pages, prayers for a Blessed Easter Sunday and Easter Season!  I hope and pray this Lent and Triduum were a unique and grace-filled time for all of you.  May this Easter grant all of us a renewed and even deeper experience of faith and life in our Risen Lord. What we celebrate today makes THE distinct difference in our lives, and the life of human history.  May this Paschal Mystery continue to unfold in all its richness and meaning to us as we journey through this life of faith.  May […]

He Is Risen! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Easter Homily 2011; Most Reverend Paul D. Etienne Happy Easter! I’d like to begin my reflections tonight by recalling the opening words as we gathered around the Easter Fire, because they succinctly remind us of the significance of what we celebrate: If we honor the memory of the Lord’s death and resurrection by hearing his word and celebrating his mysteries, then we may be confident that we shall share his victory over death and live with him forever in God. In God!  This is our Christian life.  Think of what we have celebrated in these […]

Change of Residence

One of the strangest “features” of this day is the empty tabernacle.  The vigil lamp remains dark, the tabernacle empty.  The tomb is now occupied. Soon, The tomb will be empty and the tabernacles occuppied once again, and the lamps lit proclaiming the indwelling of the Lord. Our vigil continues for a few more hours… +pde

Holy Saturday

Now there was a garden in the place where he was crucified, and in the garden there was a new tomb in which no one had ever been laid.  And so, because it was the Jewish day of Preparation, and the tomb was nearby, they laid Jesus there.  (John 19:41-42) Today is a strange day.  One can almost feel the absence of Jesus as he lay in the silence of the tomb.  Even our prayer has a noticeable difference during this time between the death and resurrection of Jesus.  It has something in itself to […]

Good Friday Homily

Good Friday 2011, Most Reverend Paul D. Etienne  While praying the Stations of the Cross one Friday during this Lent, I had an intense insight into the reality of sin.  I was uniquely aware of the reality of my own sin and the significant damage it does to my relationship with God.  In this moment, I was aware of how Jesus enters into this darkness of sin in order to not only make restitution and atonement for it, but in a real way to be present to us in our sinfulness.  In this presence, he […]

Holy Thursday Homily

Holy Thursday 2011 Most Reverend Paul D. Etienne  This evening, in this Mass of the Lord’s Supper, the Church recalls how Jesus celebrates the Passover with his disciples, bringing the Passover Meal to its ultimate purpose and meaning.  In the days leading up to this Passover, Jesus spoke in unflinching terms regarding his identity as the promised Messiah, the One sent from the Father, that He is God, the Son of God.  During the events of this Sacred Meal, Jesus gives clarity to the work of the Father, at work in Him.   Jesus is the […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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