Month: August 2011

The Week In Review

Last Saturday, I traveled to St. Anthony’s in Casper to provide the priest coverage for the weekend.  I arrived in time to hear confessions from 3-5 and celebrate the 5:15 Vigil Mass.  It was great to spend some time in the confessional once again.  As a bishop, I do not often get the chance to exercise this particular ministry of my priesthood.  It reminded me of the great gift given us by Jesus when He entrusted this power to forgive sins to His Apostles, which remains in the priesthood today.  (see John 20) After celebrating […]

Dallas Charter Audit

I am happy to share with you some recent information regarding our efforts to protect youth and young people.  The week of July 11, our diocese received our annual “audit” to make sure we are in compliance with the Dallas Charter.  This week, we received the official letter from the audit group, StoneBridge Business Partners, that our diocese is in compliance with the The Dallas Charter. The Dallas Charter was approved by the US Bishop’s Conference in June 2002 to address the Bishops’ committment to deal appropriately and effectively with cases of sexual abuse of minors by […]

The Importance of Leisure

 In a world where so much emphasis is given to work, progress, profit, and accomplishments, it is so important to remember the human need for rest and leisure.  Perhaps this was one of God’s reasons for the third commandment: Remember the sabbath day – keep it holy.  (Exodus 20:8) We are to remember always our relationship with God is at the heart of our wholeness as human beings.  If all we do is “work”, even if that work is for God, we can easily lose our way.  Stress and weariness can set in, and relationships […]

Somalia Drought & Famine

Once again, the world community is faced with a human crisis that cries out for a compassionate response.  Most of us by now have seen the evening news coverage of the tens of thousands facing starvation due to the drought conditions in East Africa, most especially Somalia.  For days now, we have heard of the thousands of refugees fleeing Somalia in search of food.  Most recent estimates are that 1,300 refugees arrive daily in the refugee camps across the border from Somalia in Kenya.  This crisis is proving most devastating for women and children. Recent […]

Heaven; Our Final Goal

Today’s Solemnity of Assumption reminds us we are on a pilgrimage of faith that leads to something beyond this earth; beyond this life.  The opening prayer for today’s Mass concludes “May we see heaven as our final goal…”  We need this reminder. Mary’s Assumption into heaven reinforces all of what we believe about our Blessed Mother.  Mary was conceived without sin.  Mary remained free from sin throughout life and thus her body was assumed into heaven at the moment of death rather than undergo the corruption of the grave.  Her sinlessness was a gift of the Father.  […]

Deacon Retreat

Yesterday afternoon, I traveled to Thermompolis to join the deacons, deacon candidates and their wives for Mass and a visit during their annual retreat.  I arrived in time to greet them as they began their retreat and evening session.  This morning, we celebrated Mass together, and then we had the rest of the morning to enjoy an informal Q & A.  I’ve had a chance to visit with many different groups since my arrival, but this was the first real opportunity to visit with the deacons and their wives to see what questions they had […]

World Youth Day Pilgrimage Begins

With Mass this evening at the Cathedral, the 17 day pilgrimage begins for 83 young people and chaperones from the Diocese of Cheyenne to journey to Spain for World Youth Day, 2011.  The pilgrims were reminded that even though the event will culminate with a Mass with our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, it is Jesus Christ they seek. The young people began gathering around 5:00 at Hartman Hall for a meal at the Cathedral.  Many of the young travelers were nervous, as this is their first journey outside the country.  However, I think some […]

Welcome Fr. Demetrio Penascoza!

 Today I had the great pleasure to welcome to the Diocese of Cheyenne, Fr. Demetrio Penascoza.  Fr. arrived at the Cheyenne airport around noon today, and our Chancellor, Carol DeLois and I welcomed him to the bishop’s residence.  We celebrated Mass and then had a chance to get acquainted over a nice lunch. Fr. Demetrio is an Augustinian, presently on leave from his community in the Philippines while he discerns a possible call to diocesan priesthood.  He most recently served as a pastor for three years in a parish in New Zealand.  He is now looking forward to […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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