Month: February 2014

Mutual Love; A Practical Way Of Life For All Christians

Today, our group of bishops seeking to live these days in fraternity and mutual love, began with Morning Prayer and Mass.  The group of ‘focolarini’ who have cared for us during these days also join us for Mass, and they add a richness with their voices and songs.  After Mass, we had breakfast and then dressed in our cassocks for our trip to the Vatican and our audience with Pope Francis. Our presentations continue to be very insightful, very concrete in sharing the spirituality of mutual love which was at the heart of Chiara Lubich, and […]

The Reciprocity of Love Among the Disciples of Christ

Several months ago, I was asked to join a group of bishops from around the world who come together once a year as ‘friends of the Focolare movement.’  Our conference this week is being held at their ‘Mariapolis Center’ in Castle Gandolfo.  This facility was originally the audience hall for the pope’s while they were at the summer residence. This movement, officially known as the ‘Work of Mary’ was founded around 1943 by a lay woman whose name was Chiara Lubich. The movement has a very simple, yet profound spirituality which is found in the Gospel […]

Fruit From The Tree Of Life

  The life of a Christian is one of service and humility, born in close association with Jesus Christ. The life of the Christian is to bear the good fruit of love, harvested in the many acts of charity, great and small.  As a good fruit comes from ‘good stock,’ so the Christian must daily cultivate an intimate relationship with Christ.  As St. Paul says, we must daily keep our eyes on Christ.  (Hebrews 12:2)  St. John speaks the more familiar phrase regarding the intimate closeness of Christ to us: “I am the true vine, […]

Monsignor Charles F. Taylor (1926 – 2014)

On Friday, February 14, Msgr. Charles Taylor completed his earthly pilgrimage. The Diocese of Cheyenne mourns the death of Msgr. Taylor, but rejoices in his life of dedicated service as a son, brother, uncle, friend and priest. It seems fitting that I write these words from Rome, where Fr. Taylor studied canon law as a young priest at St. John Lateran from 1956 – 1959. Monsignor was born in Kemmerer, Wyoming on September 7, 1926. He was so proud of being from Kemmerer, and of the deep influence his ancestors had in the layout of the […]

Adore The LORD In His Holy Court

Today’s readings once again give ‘food for thought’ regarding the numerous ways God is present to us. In the Liturgy of Hours this morning, one of the psalm antiphons offered the heading for today’s blog entry: “Adore the Lord in His holy court.” This gave me pause to think of the significant ways Christ is present. Namely, this is the three-fold presence of the LORD: Christ is present in the Blessed Sacrament, at the same time, Christ is present with the Father, while at the same moment, Christ dwells within the believer.  Our faith tells […]

The Priesthood of the Baptized; Be Salt and Light to the World

Today’s readings in many ways pick up where last Sunday’s celebration of the Presentation left off.  Last week we heard Simeon proclaim that his eyes have seen the Lord’s promise of salvation … a light to reveal you to the nations.  Jesus Christ is this Light of the world, as proclaimed again in today’s Gospel antiphon. Today’s first reading from Isaiah (Chapter 58) calls to mind the manner in which we will be judged on the last day (Matthew 25).  We are called to share our bread with the hungry give shelter to the oppressed and […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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