Month: August 2014

Episcopal Fraternity, Unity & Grace

After three days together, three members of my support group departed Cheyenne this morning to make their way back to their respective dioceses.  I believe we all parted feeling renewed in our episcopal fraternity, strengthened by our friendship, prayer, and genuine support. The time we shared in these past few days gave insight to the reality that God creates each of us for communion; for sharing life with Him and with others. Bishops, being human, also have need for meaningful relationships, and nothing like a brother bishop to know what our day to day life is like. […]

St. Monica Gives Instruction For Catholic Parents Today

As we remember St. Monica today, I find myself thinking of her model of parenting.  As with every saint, there are unique paths to holiness.  That path might be through a great intellect, such as St. Thomas Aquinas or St. Bonaventure, or many other Doctors of the Church.  The path might be through a great self-discipline, such as some of the early hermits.  Perhaps the path is through tremendous prayer life or charity.  I would suggest that parenting was the path for St. Monica. St. Monica clearly did all that she could to lead her […]

Summer’s End; Mission Visits Continue

When the numerous day journeys into the diocese begin, it is a clear sign that summer has reached its end. The fact that some snow flew already in the higher elevations this Saturday also indicates that Autumn and old man Winter are not far off! Friday afternoon I left Cheyenne to join this year’s gathering of men for the Wyoming Catholic Men’s Retreat in Centennial, Wyoming.  I’m told there were approximately 55 men signed up for this year’s retreat.  The location had a large two story lodge with a large room upstairs for presentations along […]

‘Resistance’ is a part of the Kingdom

It’s amazing to me how the truth of the Scriptures continually ‘open’ with each passing year of one’s pilgrimage in this life.  Once again today, I ‘heard’ a new ‘reality’ of God’s Kingdom while reading the Gospel.  Jesus shares another parable of the Kingdom of heaven with us: “The Kingdom of heaven may be likened to a king who gave a wedding feast for his son.” A key element of the Kingdom involves invitation.  God continually invites us into a loving relationship, a life-giving union with himself.  This is another way of saying that God […]

Diocese of Cheyenne Hires New Staff Person To Initiate Legislative Liaison Position

I and the staff of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne welcome Donna M. Adler to the position of Legislative Liaison and Communications Director for the Diocese. Donna comes to us from her law practice in the Chicago area with additional expertise in Catholic theology. In her new role, she will work to assist me in expressing clear positions on matters of public policy important to the Roman Catholic Church in the state of Wyoming. Dr. Adler looks forward to her imminent move to Cheyenne and her immersion in the life of the community. We are very […]

God has created all – and the desire of God’s heart is the unity of all.

Isaiah: my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples. Psalm 67: O God, let all the nations praise you. Romans: St. Paul is sent to the Gentiles. Matthew: To the ‘foreigner,’ Jesus says: “O woman, great is your faith! Let it be done for you as you wish.” Jesus, though at first glance, seems harsh and unresponsive to the Canaanite woman, is actually busy in his role as Teacher and as Savior of the nations. His silence in the face of the Canaanite woman’s request is meant to elicit faith from […]

The Assumption Of Our Blessed Mother Teaches Us To View Heaven As Our Final Goal

Today we celebrate the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother body and soul into heaven where she now enjoys the title as Queen of heaven and earth.  Mary’s assumption into heaven reveals that as her life on earth was lived for God, giving birth to Christ, she now knows and lives the fullness of Life in Christ.  As we honor our Blessed Mother today, our own hope is renewed that as she followed the Risen Christ to eternal life, we shall share in this Life of God when our earthly days are complete. Today, faith informs […]

Blessed Are The Peacemakers…

Monday evening, August 11, 2014, a very diverse group of religious leaders gathered in the Cathedral rectory in Denver. A special ‘Thanks’ to Archbishop Aquila for gathering these faith leaders.  I was grateful to be a part of the evening. What ensued was a brief discussion of our concern for all that is transpiring in the Middle East, especially with regards to the rise of ISIS (Islamic State In Syria). ISIS is conducting some of the worst sins against humanity sins the holocaust of WWII. Persecution, eviction from homes, forcible conversions to Islam, mass murder, […]

Celebrating Marriage

Today, for the second consecutive year, married couples gathered at St. Patrick in Casper to celebrate marriage.  It is so humbling to be with these men and women who have remained faithful to each other and their promises of love over the years. With the Sunday readings speaking about the importance of faith and keeping our eyes on Christ, these husbands and wives have lived that faith, and experienced God’s fidelity in their striving to be faithful to one another. The first reading from the Book of Kings finds the great Prophet Elijah faithfully living in […]

Every Person Capable Of Knowing Christ

Today the Church recalls the profession of faith of St. Peter, by which Peter takes his place in the rank of apostles as the first among equals.  So powerful is this profession of faith that Christ used it as the foundation upon which He would build a Church.  Not by coincidence, the first reading of today’s Mass is from the Prophet Jeremiah (31: 31-34) where the Prophet informs the people that God will make a new covenant with the people of Israel. A new covenant is necessary, because the people have been unfaithful to the first […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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