Part of the beauty of the day

Saturday, I was invited to take a horseback ride to Fayette Lake, north east of Pinedale. What a beautiful day! The town of Pinedale celebrated their annual rendezvous days this weekend, so I was on hand for this year’s Fr. DeSmett Mass, which commemorates the first Mass in the Rockies, 1840.

Fr. Lucas Simango, the pastor of Our Lady of Peace in Pinedale is always a gracious host, and generally has something fun planned, time permitting.  I enjoyed on this trip to Pinedale the company of our development director, Mr. Matt Potter and his wife, Sheri.  They had their own plans for the weekend, but we “carpooled” together to Pinedale and home again this evening.  They, too, are good company.

When we arrived in Pinedale Friday afternoon, we visited the Cowboy Shop, where I picked up a straw cowboy hat, and ordered a pair of cowboy boots.  (I”m beginning to get this “Wyoming identity” down.)  Besides, the store has some lovely proprietors!

Saturday morning, Fr. Lucas and I were up early to get our prayers in before our hosts for the day arrived.  Sure enough, about 7:30am, Gary and Jennifer Hayward and Jennifer’s dad, Kevin Caskey arrived with the four horses and two mules for the day’s adventure.  We had about a 45 minute drive to the trail head, for the one hour ride into the Wind River Mountains to Fayette Lake.  The fishing was lousy, but the day was something out of a picture book!

Jennifer documented the day with many pictures, which I gladly share with you.  After a beautiful day in the wilderness, we made it back to town in time to clean up and get to Church for confessions and the 5:30 Mass.  It was a great day.  Enjoy the pics!





+PDE on trail to Fayette Lake


+pde, Fr. Lucas, and Gary Hayward


Let's see, fish, or enjoy the scenery, or both?


"Was that a moose I heard in the woods?"


+pde & Fr. Lucas


Fayette Lake