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Fayette Lake

Saturday, I was invited to take a horseback ride to Fayette Lake, north east of Pinedale. What a beautiful day! The town of Pinedale celebrated their annual rendezvous days this weekend, so I was on hand for this year’s Fr. DeSmett Mass, which commemorates the first Mass in the Rockies, 1840. Fr. Lucas Simango, the pastor of Our Lady of Peace in Pinedale is always a gracious host, and generally has something fun planned, time permitting.  I enjoyed on this trip to Pinedale the company of our development director, Mr. Matt Potter and his wife, […]

Our Lady of Peace

This morning, the ladies of the parish provided a scrumptious pitch in breakfast and then we had time for a nice visit. This afternoon, I had lunch and a great discussion with some of the youth of the parish. At each of these gatherings, there were representatives from Big Piney and LaBarge as well. In the break between the two gatherings, Fr. Lucas drove me around the area to try to find some moose.  We saw three moose yesterday morning on the way to Boulder, and this afternoon, we saw five.  We also saw about […]

Pinedale Playground

I arrived in Pinedale yesterday afternoon for a parish visitation this weekend. Today, after 7:00am Mass, I had the great pleasure of enjoying the company of Fr. Lucas and six other men from the area. We had a great time snowmobiling and ice fishing on Boulder Lake. After a brutal winter day and drive here yesterday, putting up with ground blizzards from blowing snow and wind gusts of up to 40 – 60 mph, today was clear and calm.  It was around zero early this morning, but once we were properly bundled up for the day, […]

Fr. Pierre-Jean DeSmet, SJ; 1801-1873

Yesterday, we commemorated the 170th anniversary of the first Mass ever (documented) celebrated in the state of Wyoming, and more than likely, in the Rocky Mountain region. That Mass was celebrated July 5, 1840 in conjunction with the Rendezvous celebration of the early mountain men in the Green River Valley. Fr. Pierre De Smet was a Jesuit priest, missionary. He was born in Belgium and came to the US as a seminarian (1821)  to continue his studies towards priesthood. His father was a ship owner, and was quite wealthy.  The young Pierre De Smet was intrigued […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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