Roughly 800 people from approximately 15 parishes and institutions walked from all over Anchorage today, converging on the Performing Arts Center in downtown, where we concluded by praying the last three stations together.

After the recitation of the stations of the cross, we recited together Psalm 22, I offered a brief homily, prayed the Our Father (In YUP’IK) and closed with a prayer.

I was quite impressed with the quality of the meditations for each of the stations.  There were two common themes in each; 1) we acknowledged our sins and admitted our guilt and 2) we recognized that when we join our crosses to the Cross of Christ, we help to bring peace to our world.

Last night, as I washed feet during the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, I was meditating and praying on the need for our feet to carry us into the world where we are to be witnesses to our faith in Jesus Christ.  Today, we saw plenty of Jesus’ followers take to the streets of Anchorage to witness our faith and to pray for our world.

Finally, today’s exercise helped me realize that when we meditate upon the passion of Jesus, we recall not only the suffering he endured for our salvation, but within his suffering is revealed his tremendous love for the Father’s will and for each of us.

I pray your Holy Week is leading you closer to Christ and to greater appreciation for his mercy, fidelity and love.

Most Good Friday Services in Anchorage are 7:00pm this evening.  I will be present at the Cathedral.