Despite poor air quality due to heavy smoke in the air from surrounding wildfires, nearly 200 parishioners gathered at Noon Sunday for an outdoor Mass of Thanksgiving at Holy Rosary in Tacoma.

Now that a decision has been made determining the parish is no longer viable on its own and will need to transition to a yet unknown union with another parish or group of parishes, we wanted to gather to celebrate the nearly 130 years of parish life, ministry and faith. 

At the end of Mass, parishioners came forward to retrieve the vases of roses from around the altar and all of us processed to the front of the church where we placed the flowers. We concluded our moment of prayer reciting the Hail Mary together, seeking the intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Please join me in praying for the parishioners of Holy Rosary as they wrestle with many different emotions. Our faith is a source of strength in time of trial, so when the place that people call home as a parish undergoes such a difficult moment of transition, it can be very emotional and difficult.

Mary, Queen of Peace,

Pray for us.