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John The Baptist, Elizabeth & Zechariah Allowed God’s Plan To Interrupt Their Own

On this Nativity of John The Baptist, we look to a critical moment in the history of salvation.  On this solemnity, our minds are drawn as much to the holy couples of Elizabeth and Zechariah & Joseph and Mary as they are to John the Baptist. This is a seminal moment in history when God is choosing through the lives of ‘ordinary couples’ to bring his Son into the world, as well as the one who would go before him to prepare His way, to Baptize Him and proclaim Him the Lamb of God. As […]

Palm Sunday: God’s Ways Are Not Our Ways

As we listen again today to the Passion of Jesus, I’m reminded how much God’s ways are not our own.  Even Jesus, who throughout his earthly ministry was in intimate communion with the Father, experienced a certain ‘darkness’ in fulfilling the Father’s will in his Passion and Death, and thus exclaimed from the cross: “My God, why have you abandoned me?” I find comfort in these words of Jesus as perhaps each of us are called to do as we bear the cross and sufferings that are a part of our lives.  How often do […]

The Wind & Sea Obey Christ, So Each Person & All Creation

HOMILY: 12th Sunday Ordinary Time, Year B In our first reading today from the Book of Job, God asks Job: “Who created the sea, setting its limits, clothing it with clouds and darkness?” It is a facetious question, as God is clearly Creator and Lord of all things. God questions Job because Job has been questioning God with regards to all the misery and suffering he has endured. Have any one of us not done the same at some point in life? Further strengthening the truth of God as Creator of all things, in today’s […]

Good Friday: Humility, Obedience, Suffering Lead to Fulness of Life

Good Friday, 2013  Christ came that we might have life, and have it more abundantly.  (John 10:10 ) Christ sheds His blood for us that we might be redeemed and made sharers once again in the Life He shares with the Father.  This life that Christ shares with us comes through His humility, His obedience, and His suffering.  If we are to share fully in the life He offers, we too must be humble before God, obedient to Christ and His Church, and willing to embrace the suffering that life entails. From the cross, Christ […]

The Temptations of Jesus Reveal the Nature of Sin in Our Human Life:

We have today another well- known moment in the life of Jesus.  The familiarity of these Gospel stories can work against us in that we can too quickly dismiss the accounts as if to say: “I’ve heard this before, tell me something I do not know.”  But have we ‘dug into’ this account to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the depths of its meaning; the application of that meaning to my own life? We see in this account Jesus at the beginning of his public ministry, immediately following his revelation as the Son of […]

The Annunciation

For some reason, my starting point of reflection on this great Solemnity of Mary’s Annunciation is God’s providential preparation for this moment through her own Immaculate Conception.  God in His goodness wished to provide for our salvation not only by His Divine Power as God, but in a manner that also incorporated our humanity. Part of the practical application for us, then, is that as God provided for Mary, and provided for His Son’s entrance into our world, surely He provides for us as well, in a manner that honors and respects our individual persons, as […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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