NCYC 13 009The National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis this year is a great event. Nearly 25,000 youth have gathered from around the country, and I am so pleased that we have nearly 50 present from Wyoming.

Besides the youth, there are so many dedicated adult leaders and youth ministers, men and women religious, priests and bishops.  The energy is electric and speaks volumes of the faith of this young Church.  To say the least, these young people give me great hope, and it is such a joy to be with them!  I want all of our youth to know, we love you!

NCYC 13 011

The speakers are doing a great job of speaking directly to our youth of Jesus Christ and the reality of our faith.  The them for this year’s conference is quite creative: Signed, Sealed, Delivered!  Other than reminding some of us of a classic tune, it speaks beautifully of our Catholic Faith.  We are Signed by the sign of the cross, Sealed by the power of the Sacraments and the Holy Spirit for our life in Christ, who Delivers us from sin to Life Eternal.

For me to be in Lucas Oil Stadium with all these youth, to watch them and experience their joy and enthusiasm for the faith, to pray with them and visit with them is a gift from God.  I want our young people to truly know, you are a gift from God, and this Church welcomes you and longs to walk this journey of faith with you.

So, to this readership, please continue to pray for all the youth gathered here for this year’s NCYC.  Pray that all of our youth discover this amazing love of God.  Pray that our young people may believe whole heartedly that God has a plan, a mission for each of them, and that all of this is discovered in the person of Jesus Christ, in and through His Church.

NCYC 13 012

We are the Church.  All are welcome.  The world will know us, because we are Signed, Sealed and Delivered!


Bishop Etienne