Month: September 2013

Catholics United For Life & Parish Visits

Friday began another tour of the Diocese with a trip to Cody for this year’s annual Catholics United For Life Conference.  I’m told this was their best attended conference to date.  Speakers included Jenn Giroux, Rebecca Kiessling, Dr. James & Stephanie Bell and yours truly.  I was impressed to see the variety of age groups represented at this conference. The speakers addressed several life issues, but their personal histories were very much the focus of their individual talks.  The Bells spoke of their decision to carry a child full term to life that they knew […]

Strive To Be Welcomed Into Eternal Dwellings

This Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) reminds us that we are stewards of many gifts in this life.  Just as the steward of the rich man in today’s Gospel (Luke 16:1-13) was eventually called upon by his master to give an accounting of his stewardship, so each of us. At first blush, we can get the sense the Gospel is about wealth and property.  These are only the worldly realities being discussed by Jesus, and probably why we so readily focus on them in this Gospel, and it is important to pay […]

Compete Well For the Faith, Lay Hold of Eternal Life

Today’s reading from the First Letter of St. Paul to Timothy concludes with the heading of this blog entry.  One critical way we compete well for the faith is by faithfully persevering in our unique vocation day-to-day.  Here is a sketch of my own ‘competing for the faith’ this past week. Last Friday, I arrived home from a quick trip to St. Petersburg, Florida to be with my friend, Bishop Bob Lynch for the rededication of their Cathedral, St. Jude.  What a beautiful celebration for the local church.  You can check out Bishop Lynch’s blog […]

Farewell Faithful Servant; Msgr. Eugene Sullivan; 1932-2013

The Diocese of Cheyenne is mourning the loss of a dearly beloved pastor and priest, Msgr. Eugene Sullivan.  He was preceded in death a few years ago by his twin brother, Msgr. Gerald Sullivan.  Msgr. was born in Casper, Wyoming and ordained in 1959.  Only two sisters now remain from his immediate family, and of course, a large ‘family’ throughout the state of Wyoming of brother priests, deacons, and the People of God he loved and served so faithfully for 54 years. Msgr. Sullivan was a very steady man.  He was filled with faith and […]

Another Season of Travels Begins

I’m feeling more and more like St. Paul everyday!  No doubt, his travels were more arduous than mine, and his efforts to establish the faith and witness to Christ far more effective.  But travel on behalf of the Gospel and the People of God I do.  I seek his intercession in my ministry as a successor to the apostles regularly! There was a large group that gathered for prayer throughout the day at Our Lady of Fatima in Casper, while many also lined up to receive the sacrament of reconciliation.  No reports in yet from […]

Fast And Pray For Peace In Syria

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 7 the world community is invited to join Pope Francis in a day of prayer and fasting for peace in Syria.  Visit these links for more information: Our Sunday Visitor Center for Ministry Development USCCB   and for Young Adults: Bustedhalo In the Diocese of Cheyenne, I have asked our pastors to consider designating some time in their local parishes for adoration and prayer.  For certain, I can announce that there will be time at our Cathedral in Cheyenne and at Our Lady of Fatima in Casper for their local communities. Our […]

The Church Has No Reverse; She Is Ever New, Always Moving Forward Into The Fullness of Christ

In Today’s Gospel (Luke 5:33-39) Jesus is questioned why his disciples do not fast and pray as do the disciples of the Pharisees and John the Baptist. Jesus refers to himself as the Bridegroom, in whose presence the disciples rejoice; eating and drinking. (A reference to Eucharist, where we eat the Body of Christ and drink the Blood of Christ.) We as the disciples are to find our joy in Christ.  We are to find our true nourishment in the sacraments, especially the Body and Blood of Christ.  The Eucharist is our true communion with […]

Peace For Syria

Saturday, President Obama announced his decision to take military action against Syria.  Thankfully, he also announced his decision to seek approval of Congress for such action. Yesterday, our Holy Father, Pope Francis made a passionate appeal for peace for the people of Syria. As the people of this nation, we need to do two things (minimally.)  First, we would do well to heed Pope Francis’ appeal for prayer and fasting in an effort to secure this seemingly illusive peace in Syria.  Second, we have a short window of opportunity to appeal to our national representatives.  Please, […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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