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Join The Movement for Life, Marriage and Religious Freedom

On this day of the March for Marriage, enjoy the video below.

Jesus: Son of God & Son of Man

Our world today needs a Savior as much as any time in salvation history. In our day, many want to deny the existence of God or at least ignore God in order to have the false freedom to live as they wish.  But the truth is that the immortal God took on our human condition in the person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus was truly human and divine in one person. The places where Jesus lived and taught make his humanity and his reality accessible to us today.  What he taught, the miracles he wrought, his […]

The Challenges of the Palestinian People

One sad reality that came more clearly into view for me during our recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land is the plight of the Palestinian people under the Israeli policies.  If you have kept up with this blog in recent weeks, you know what a powerful experience we had during our time walking in the footsteps of Jesus throughout the Holy Land. Faith is such a precious gift, and for people to continue to have access to the land Jesus made holy is crucial.  For Christians in particular to continue to make pilgrimage to these holy […]

Jesus, The Bread of Life

This week the Church is listening to the Bread of Life discourse, given by Jesus after a miraculous multiplication of two fishes and five loaves of bread. The miracle took place along the shore of the Sea of Galilee, in a place known as Tabgha, or Seven Springs.  In time, around the year 350, a church was built over the rock where it was believed Jesus performed the miracle of feeding the 5,000.  Around the year 450, a larger church was built, and over time, the floor was covered with mosaics. Beneath the altar of […]

Living and Giving in Christ; Unity Through Diocesan Ministries 2015 Video

I’m happy to share with you this year’s Living and Giving in Christ; Unity Through Diocesan Ministries Video.  Please prayerfully consider supporting this year’s annual appeal for the Diocese of Cheyenne.

Holy Land Pilgrimage: Final Thoughts & Thanks

Even though I will make at least one more post here sometime soon regarding the Israeli / Palestinian conflict, I wish this morning to thank the Pilgrim Center of Hope for their outstanding work in preparing for and leading this pilgrimage.  More specifically, I wish to thank Mary Jane and Tom Fox for their faith-filled ministry and service to our pilgrim group. Mary Jane and Tom have been leading pilgrimages to the Holy Land since the early 1980’s.  It was in an early visit to the Holy Land as a couple that they felt the […]

The Passion and The Resurrection: From The Holy Land

Now that we our pilgrimage has come to an end, rather than giving a day-by-day account, I’ll recall the sites of Jerusalem according to our Lord’s final entrance into Jerusalem and his Passion.  (Our group arrived home shortly after noon today.  The pilgrimage far exceeded our expectations!) The Upper Room: Obviously, the structure that exists today is of Crusader architecture, and would not have been the actual room where Jesus gathered with his disciples. But, in visiting the Holy Land, it is quite instructive to understand the lay of the land. There is the temple mount, […]

Places of the Blessed Mother

Ein Karim is believed to be the community in the Judean hillsides (Luke 1: 39-40) where our Blessed Mother visited her cousin, Elizabeth. Ein Karim is only 7 miles from Jerusalem and about 100 miles from Nazareth, so it would have taken Mary about two weeks to journey to this town. The literal meaning of Ein Karim is Spring of Generosity, or Spring of the Vineyard. There is a spring in this town which is over 2,000 years old, and tradition says that when Mary and Elizabeth greeted each other, the rock split open and […]

The Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem

Well, my friends, as I write this post, our pilgrimage is entering the final 30 hours of our time in the Holy Land. I apologize for the delay in updating this blog on our journey. The days have been long and full, and the internet service since arriving in Bethlehem and here in Jerusalem has been non-existent to sporadic at best! Alas, the penitential nature of a pilgrimage. But, please bare with me as I will eventually get the journey documented, here. Tuesday  morning was not only the highlight of this trip (for me) but […]

Bethlehem in the Holy Land

Sunday, April 12, Holy Land Bethlehem was a very small town at the time of Jesus. Translated, Bethlehem means “House of Bread.” In God’s eyes, this must be one of the reasons this humble town was chosen to be the birthplace of the Son of God, the Bread come down from heaven. Sloping away from Bethlehem there is a deep valley where the shepherd’s field lies below the town, and is where the angel appeared to the shepherds to announce to them the birth of our Lord. “Now there were shepherds in that region living […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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