This Thursday, our local Church of the Diocese of Cheyenne will gather in Casper for our Chrism Mass. I wish to encourage anyone from the diocese who can make this trip to try to be present. As I am quickly learning, distances are great in this state from one parish to the next, and it takes a great commitment to be present for so many of the things we do as church, but this Mass deserves our “all”.

The Chrism Mass is one of the most important Diocesan celebrations of the year, and thus the reason it is so important that there be a good representation of all the parishes, priests, deacons, religious and seminarians. Full diocesan celebrations are rare in this diocese, and thus when we have such celebrations as the Chrism Mass, it is important that everyone give there best to be present.

During this Mass, the priests annually renew their priestly promises, and it is beautiful for the people we serve to witness the renewal of promises and the dedication of our priests.  It also gives the people of the diocese the opportunity to pray for our priests, and to express their appreciation for all our priests give in service of the People of God.

Also during this Mass, the holy oils to be used throughout the coming liturgical year will be blessed. These are the holy oils that will be used to consecrate the hands of newly ordained priests (this year, Deacon Tim Martinson), and the forehead of those receiving the sacrament of Confirmation, and the infants at baptism. These are the oils used to anoint the sick and dying. These are the moments that mark our journey of life, and especially our journey of faith, and it is good to gather with a full representation of the People of God to celebrate well this significant event in our liturgical life. Please make an effort to be there, 5:15, St. Anthony Catholic Church, Casper.

After the Chrism Mass, we quickly enter into the holiest of weeks beginning with Palm Sunday.  Holy Week is full of marvelous celebrations of our faith.  Please begin planning now to be present for as many of these celebrations as possible.  Hopefully, you have had a fruitful Lenten season thus far.  The Church, in her wisdom, brings the Lenten journey to a marvelous climax with the Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and finally the point of our deepest longing and desire, Easter Sunday.  Keep praying, church.  Keep the faith, celebrate the sacraments, and celebrate with the Church Universal the many beautiful traditions that nourish our greatest gift; faith in Jesus Christ!