Month: March 2010

Chrism Mass Homily

    Chrism Mass Homily, 2010 Most Reverend Paul D. Etienne St. Anthony, Casper & Cathedral, Indianapolis       As we gather this evening, we gather as a local Church – Bishop, Priests, Deacons, Religious, Lay Leaders, Seminarians, and the Faithful of our many parishes.  Together, we are Church, the Body of Christ, The People of God. It is important for us to remember, the Church does not exist for itself, rather, the Church exists for mission.  We gather this evening to be renewed in the fullness of life which is ours from God […]

Chrism Mass & Baldacchino Dedication

Thursday and Friday this week marked two diocesan celebrations of significant proportion.  Thursday, we celebrated the annual Chrism mass at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Casper.  The priests and deacons of the diocese gathered for a day of recollection and prayer.  I gave two talks, and we also offered the sacraments of anointing and reconciliation.  They enjoyed a noon meal together as well as time to socialize during the breaks.  Mostly, it was a time to reflect and pray with particular focus on the gift we share in the sacrament of Holy Orders, and prepare to […]

Final Stretch

This Thursday, our local Church of the Diocese of Cheyenne will gather in Casper for our Chrism Mass. I wish to encourage anyone from the diocese who can make this trip to try to be present. As I am quickly learning, distances are great in this state from one parish to the next, and it takes a great commitment to be present for so many of the things we do as church, but this Mass deserves our “all”. The Chrism Mass is one of the most important Diocesan celebrations of the year, and thus the […]

Protection of Children and Young People

Tomorrow morning I will depart for Washington, D.C. for Monday meetings. I recently agreed to an appointment on the Bishops Committee for the Protection of Children and Young People. I am not yet sure of the extent or scope of the work of the committee, but it is an offshoot of the Charter developed in June 2002 in response to the sex abuse scandal that rocked the Church in the US.  Similar revelations have since surfaced in Ireland, and are now surfacing in sizeable numbers in Germany and other nations. In recent years, we as […]

St. Joseph, Husband of Mary

As a pastor, I always placed the parish families, facilities and finances under the protection and intercession of St. Joseph, and he always provided for every parish.  As we celebrate his feast again today, I’m reminded to do the same now for the families, facilities and finances of the diocese.  St. Joseph was such a humble obedient man to God’s will.  He was a great protector and provider for Mary and Jesus.  He continues to play a crucial role in the life of the Universal Church today.  St. Joseph, Pray for us! After two days […]

Sheridan Deanery Mass

Today wraps up this week long visitation to the deaneries of the diocese.  Saturday evening I celebrated Mass at St. Anthony parish in Casper.  The Casper community was hosting their annual fund-raiser for the St. Anthony Tri-Parish school.  It was quite an event, as well as quite successful.  We are very grateful to the many people who help sustain our ministry of Catholic Schools.  Sunday, I travelled to Sheridan to join the Holy Name community.  Holy Name is at an exciting moment in their history and are in the process of making decisions to keep […]


In the recent trip around the diocese, I’ve been out of Internet access, so sorry for the late post on the 4th Sunday of Lent.  I want to share just a brief thought or two on yesterday’s famous Gospel regarding the prodigal son. First of all, the parable is a marvelous teaching of the consequenses of the misuse of our most precious gift of freedom.  Interestingly, the story begins with the younger son asking: “Father, give me my share of the inheritance…”  (Luke 15:12)  This is a clue to the real meaning of the story.  […]

Life After…

Spring is such a teacher in the ways of faith.  As Christians, we believe that the cross always leads to new life.  These spring turkeys have survived the harshness of winter.  Yes, even though it is not yet Spring, these turkey spotted today “somewhere near Sheridan, WY” were already yelping and gobbling, which is a sure harbinger of “new life”.  Looks like somebody may be getting in a Spring turkey hunt after all!    These are the kinds of things (for me anyway) that we must keep in mind in the moment of difficulty.  Even though the tough […]

Thermopolis Deanery Mass

It is now Friday evening, and I am back home in Cheye nne.  Since Tuesday, this tour of the diocese took me just over 1,000 miles.  My day yesterday started early in Jackson as I departed from Our Lady of the Mountains.  The picture to the left was taken as I made my way through the Tetons to Thermopolis for the next deanery Mass.  On the way, the drive was as close to “prayer” as anything I’ve ever experienced behind the wheel of a car.  The drive over and through the mountains was spectacular!  The […]

Wyoming Travels

  Yesterday, March 10, I travelled from Holy Spirit parish in Rock Springs to St. Patrick in Diamonville and Kemerer to visit Fr. Randy & Msgr. Taylor.  Kemerer is nestled into a beautiful little valley northwest of Rock Springs about an hour and a half.   From there I travelled to Afton, Holy Family parish.  I had the benefit of the company of Fr. Joe Gedders, a Vincentian priest serving in the diocese as pastor of Our Lady of The Mountains in Jackson, as well as pastor of Holy Family in Afton.  The parish in Afton is […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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