Month: April 2010

St. Catherine of Siena

Today we celebrate the Feast of St. Catherine of Siena.  Those who know me know that she is a favorite of mine, for many reasons.  She was a woman of great faith, whose love for the Lord was intense, mystical, persevering, and shown in practical and fruitful ways in her love for the Church, the Holy Father “Christ on earth”, and for the People of God.  She worked tirelessly for the unity of the Church.  I think this is one of the more inspiring aspects of her personal charism for my own life and ministry.  […]

Confirmation Season 2010

The Confirmation run around the state is nearly two thirds complete.  I have had the good fortune this trip of having a good friend from Indiana with me.  Mark Seabrook (see photo below) wanted to see the state, and I am benefiting not only from his company, but getting some relief from the driving.  Since Friday, April 16, we have travelled in excess of 900 miles.   We still have two more official stops to make, even though we are finished with Confirmation for the moment.  As this is the weekend for the Annual Appeal, I’ll […]

Good Shepherd Sunday

             This Sunday, the 4TH Sunday of Easter is traditionally known as Good Shepherd Sunday. In light of all the renewed interest around clergy sex abuse, I’d like to say a a few words in strong support of our priests. I know how painful this whole crisis has been for victims, and as I’ve said in previous blog entries, we must always be aware of how what we say impacts them. At the same time, I’m also aware of how painful this whole review of this part of our recent […]


As I travel around the state for my first Confirmation season, I’m thinking of the importance of Unity in our Catholic Church.  Also very much on my mind and in my prayer is this year’s Bishop’s Annual Appeal.  Also, the mere fact that I am a new bishop means I spend a fair amount of time thinking and praying about what that means.  I will simply share some of my thoughts around each of these realities. Before one of the Confirmation Masses began this week, there was some “friendly banter” before Mass between myself and […]

Clergy Abuse: Bishop’s Statement

+April 17, 2010  In recent weeks there has been much renewed interest around the issue of clergy sex abuse.  The Church is challenged once again to be vigilant with regards to the protection of children and young people.  With this renewed media attention and focus on the issue, it is important for us as Church to keep the focus on the victims.  As a bishop of the Church, and on behalf of the people of the Diocese of Cheyenne, I wish to express our sadness and sorrow to any who have been abused by a […]

Bishop’s Annual Appeal

Dear People of God: The time is approaching once again for the Bishop’s Annual Appeal.  Our goal this year is $1,707,000. This appeal is the primary source of funding for Diocesan operations, which include such important ministries as Seminary education.  This year we have ten seminarians, and will ordain one young man to the priesthood in late May.  We are on track at this time for eleven seminarians in the coming academic year.  The average annual cost per student is quickly approaching $30,000.  The appeal also funds the vocations office, which is primarily a salary […]

Catholic Charities & Other Catholic Ministries

Today I had the opportunity to visit some of our Catholic Agencies in Cheyenne.  We have a humble Catholic Charities of Wyoming based here in Cheyenne.  Their primary ministry is adoption work.  In the past calendar year they helped place 23 children; infants, special need, and international.  Ms. Virginia Nies is our Adoption & Pregnancy Counseling Supervisor, and Ms. Rita Sheppard serves in the capacity of secretary and notary public.  I understand their spouses are pressed into duty once in a while as well washing windows and keeping computers running! Catholic Charities is one of […]

God is Good!

Rest is a good thing!  So is time to enjoy the beauty of nature.  Spending time in nature has always been an important part of healthy re-creation for me, and God in His goodness sent me as bishop to a place where I will get all of nature I can enjoy!  In the photo to the left, you see how the Bishop of Wyoming gets to spend his free time.  This day was courtesy of Mr. Bob Krumm, and Fr. Rob Spaulding.  We had a marvelous time fly fishing on the Big Horn River in Montana.  We caught […]

Off To The Mountains

Well, People of God, it has been a wonderful, Holy Week! Now for a little bit of R&R. There is a certain flock of turkey in the Big Horn area calling my name! Back to the blog when the confirmation tour begins next week. ‘Till then, keep livin’ and growin’ in faith and holiness! +PDE

Happy Easter!

     It is difficult to fully comprehend the fullness of what we celebrate this Easter Day.  We are “worldly people” celebrating an event that took place in history, and yet is “other worldly” in its origins and designs.  Jesus is not only the Author of Life, and of all creation, but as the Author of Life, He is also the Source of the Life of Grace, Redemption, Eternal Life.  This is the true reality we are to reflect upon today, so as to live more fully at the level of the “super-natural” life that Christ […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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