Month: May 2017

Called To Discipleship & Witnesses

During the month of June, we will conclude another Easter Season with the celebration of Pentecost, followed by some major Solemnities: Holy Trinity, Corpus Christi (The Body & Blood of The Lord); the Sacred Heart of Jesus, The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, and Saints Peter & Paul. That is quite a line-up for any month of the year! These great liturgical celebrations speak to us of the importance in our lives of discipleship (following Jesus) and witness (being heralds of the Gospel). Jesus shares his life with us not only that we may […]

World Communication Day And The Holy Spirit

The Easter Season is drawing near its completion with the celebration of Pentecost just two weeks away (Sunday, June 4).  Pentecost Sunday is typically dedicated as World Communication Day, thus linking it to the great commission of Jesus to the Apostles: “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Good News.”  (Mark 16:15). There is no greater message to communicate than the Good News of Jesus Christ! Every year, the Holy Father issues a message to mark the occasion of the World Day of Communication.  Here is what Pope Francis said in this year’s Message: […]

The Warmth & Hospitality Of Cordova

As I prepare to set out again today for two more confirmations this weekend, I want to wrap up my thoughts from this week’s visit to Cordova.  Though my brief 24 hours visit to Cordova was overcast, cool and rainy, the true warmth of the place came through. Once again, Laurie Evans-Dineen travelled with me for this trip.  Fr. Tom Killeen, the pastor, picked us up at the airport and was as generous and attentive as could be throughout our stay.  We took several drives to see as much country as possible, as well as […]

Visit To St. Joseph Parish, Cordova, Alaska

The town of Cordova sits on the Orca Inlet in the Southeast corner of Prince William Sound.  Native Alaskans were here for a long time, but the present-day city began around 1906 with the building of the  Copper River and Northwestern Railroad.  Cordova became the railroad terminus and ocean shipping port for copper ore from the Kennecott Mine up the Copper River. The first trainload of ore was loaded onto the steamship Northwestern, bound for a smelter in Tacoma, Washington, in April 1911. The copper mines operated until 1938.  After that, the fishing industry took off. […]

A Home For The Archbishop

When I arrived in Anchorage last November, there was no permanent residence for the Archbishop.  My predecessor lived in various residences during his tenure, and as he prepared to retire, a decision was consciously made to let the ‘new guy’ find a place of his own choosing. While I appreciate the opportunity to select my new residence, it has made the transition more challenging than it would have been otherwise. For several decades, the Archdiocese of Anchorage has owned two four-plexes known as the Guadalupe Arms Apartments, which have housed numerous priests and religious over […]

Official Announcements: Clergy & Other Appointments

It is that time of year when announcements are made regarding clergy changes around the Archdiocese.  This is the first round of such appointments for me as the new Archbishop of Anchorage.  Please keep the following individuals and parishes in your prayers as they prepare for some transitions. As always, I’m grateful to all of our priests and pastoral leaders for the generosity and flexibility.  Likewise, I’m grateful for the collaboration and cooperation of all of our parishioners who are affected by these transitions. Peace, +pde  

Our Lady Of Fatima, Confirmation, Graduations, And Permanent Deacons – And Mother’s Day

This is a very busy time of year for most people.  Today I wish to offer some reflections on the activities and insights of this week. Today Pope Francis celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the apparitions in Portugal of our Lady to three young children.  During Mass today, he canonized two of them, Blessed Jacinta and Blessed Francisco Marto.  Both of these children died within a short period of time after the apparitions, and as of today are the youngest, non-martyr saints of the Church. You can read the homily of Pope Francis for this […]

Members of Christ – Members Of Broader Church

Even though I’m still learning my way as the new Archbishop of Anchorage, I’m no stranger to the annual appeals that support the work of the broader Church.  Our One Bread One Body 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal gives us the opportunity to participate in the life of the Church beyond the parish. I served in various roles as a priest, both as a pastor, and in a chancery position prior to being named a bishop.  I fully understand that our faith life is primarily lived out at the parish level.  Parishes are where the faith is taught, the […]

Parish Visit & Confirmations at St. Francis Xavier – Valdez

Saturday morning I was up early to grab a cup of coffee, say some prayers, and make it to the airport for a 7:00 am flight to Valdez.  The weather forecast for the weekend was not promising – but in reality, Saturday was absolutely beautiful!  And so was the visit with the parishioners of St. Francis Xavier in Valdez. I had the opportunity to have a personal visit with the pastor, Fr. Eric Wiseman, as well as with their deacon, Dan Stowe.  The Parish Administrator, Michael Franklin and his wife, Christy coordinated a good part […]

May, A Month To Honor Moms & Mothers (Mary & The Church)

May is a month we traditionally honor our Blessed Mother and celebrate Mother’s Day. We are given an opportunity this month to honor women. This month of May is also a prime time for us to recognize the Maternity of the Church – after all, how often do we refer to her as Mother Church? The older I get, and perhaps, the older my mother gets, the more often I am led to reflect upon the incredible role she played in my life and the life of our family. There was a sign that hung […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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