Today’s readings seem quite substantial and instructive to cure what ails us as a society. (2 Peter 3 and the Gospel of Mark 12d:13-17)

Jesus is the Word of God who come to earth and took on our human flesh. He revealed in his person the full potential of humanity when we live as children of God, created in the image of God, and according to the law of God which is inscribed in every human heart. By his death, Jesus redeemed us, thus renewing God’s image and our ability to live fully God’s Word.

The Word of God is not a prop by which we claim association or privilege. The Word of God is meant to be lived.

Please, allow the peace of Christ to rest upon you during these troubled times. Please, allow for the grace of God to help us see the presence of the Lord in every person. Please, let us commit ourselves to patiently persevere in the pursuit of righteousness for every person, that we may live in the dignity that belongs to every person created in God’s image, bearing the inscription of God’s law within their heart.

Today’s Mass and Homily: