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Called To Discipleship & Witnesses

During the month of June, we will conclude another Easter Season with the celebration of Pentecost, followed by some major Solemnities: Holy Trinity, Corpus Christi (The Body & Blood of The Lord); the Sacred Heart of Jesus, The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, and Saints Peter & Paul. That is quite a line-up for any month of the year! These great liturgical celebrations speak to us of the importance in our lives of discipleship (following Jesus) and witness (being heralds of the Gospel). Jesus shares his life with us not only that we may […]

St. John The Evangelist: Our Christmas Continues

Today the church celebrates the Feast of St. John, Apostle and Evangelist.  St. John was referred to in John’s Gospel as the ‘beloved disciple.’  It seems clear that John knew a great friendship with Christ, one that entailed a beautiful intimacy.  For me, this is what today’s feast calls me to – closer friendship and intimacy with Jesus. The opening of John’s Gospel gives us some great teaching for further reflection during this season of Christmas.  I wish to invite you today to spend time reading and praying with the opening fourteen verses of the […]

God’s WORD is ‘Scattered’ Throughout the World to Gather All Into His Kingdom.

Today’s Gospel from Luke (8: 4-15) is the rather famous account of the sower who generously scattered seed. So often the ‘take away’ from this account is focused on the ‘good soil’ that yields a rich harvest. However, it seems another important aspect of this teaching of Jesus can be found in the very work of the sower, who scatters the seed. By Jesus’ own interpretation of this parable, we know the seed scattered is the Word of God.  Therefore, the Sower is God Himself.  Thus, we are not surprised by the generous and incredibly […]

Your Words, Lord, are Spirit and Life (Psalm 19)

My focus for this weekend’s homily was inspired by listening to Fr. Robert Barron’s homily.  You can find his homily through his Word of Fire Website, here.  My own reflection, though similar, takes a different direction than Fr. Barron’s. Our first reading this weekend is from the Book of Nehemiah (8:2-4, 5-6, 8-10.)  Nehemiah and Ezra are active in the renewal of the faith of Israel and the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the temple after the Babylonian exile.  It is a time when the faith of the people had been weakened through many accommodations with […]

Pastoral Visit to St. Laurence O’Toole and Thought for the Day

This past weekend I enjoyed time with the people of St. Laurence O’Toole parish in Laramie. Saturday began around 10:00 with a meeting with the pastor, Fr. James Schumacher and continued with various meetings with staff and pastoral leaders through around 2:30 before taking a break before the Saturday evening vigil Mass at 5:30.  As I was a bit ‘under the weather,’ I was remiss in taking any photos for this blog entry. The pastor and pastoral council provided some great documentation prior to my arrival, outlining the many aspects of parish life.  St. Laurence […]

Apologies to Approaching Confirmation Classes

As exciting as it is to be making my first ad limina visit next week, the saddest consequence is this visit falls right in the heart of Confirmation season.  I wish to apologize for my absence to all those who will be confirmed in the coming days.  I know how important this sacrament is to you, and I also miss being present with you.  Confirmation is such a great opportunity for me to be out in the diocese and to visit with all our people.  The one silver lining for you is that I will be […]

Thursday Night Life

Last night, we had our fourth gathering of young adults, known as Thursday Night Life.  These gatherings are for anyone in their 20’s and 30’s.  Another moderate crowd turned out, as usual, competing with many other calendar events.  We as a diocese have a great desire to ‘connect’ with our young adult church.  This ‘format’ of Thursday Night Life is a good way to add one more moment to the calendar for prayer, as well as a time to meet other men and women of your age group. The Gospel selection for the evening was the […]

Power of Proclaimed WORD of God

So often as a preacher of God’s Word, I feel a certain responsibility for ‘my message’ to lead to conversion. I’m learning how misguided is such thinking! After Thursday night’s Chrism Mass, I was visiting with someone and ‘heard’ myself in conversation coming to ‘insight’. God’s WORD needs simply to be proclaimed! The WORD is what carries the power to change, conform, convert and give LIFE.  It is the same in simply speaking the word Christ to others.  There is power in the Name of Jesus.   It is not so much the wisdom of us […]

The WORD of God

Today’s Gospel antiphon quotes the Letter of St. James, (1:21) :  ” Humbly welcome the WORD that has been planted in you and is able to save your souls.” This reminds me of the recent words of our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI when he spoke last Sunday during the Angelus from his balcony at  Castelgandolfo:  “The words of Christ are very clear: they show no disdain for an active life, or for generous hospitality, but contain an evident reference to the fact that what is truly necessary is something else: to listen to the Word […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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